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Gas Fireplace Service in Auburn, AL

Keep Your Fireplace as Good as New with Professional Fireplace Service

After installing your brand new gas fireplace, you can’t wait to snuggle up in front of it and enjoy its warmth and coziness all winter long. Once winter has ended, don’t mentally pack away your fireplace like you do your winter coat and put it out of mind until next year. Your gas fireplace works hard, and after a winter’s worth of keeping your friends and family warm as they sip hot chocolate and bringing life back into your cold fingers and toes, it needs some TLC. Giving your gas fireplace a yearly checkup with regular maintenance is vital to ensuring the continued enjoyment of your fireplace year after year.

At American Fireplace we want your gas fireplace to bring you many years of warm memories. It is important to us that we provide our customers with the highest quality expert fireplace service for the many brands of gas fireplaces and gas log sets that we supply. With our fireplace maintenance service, we give peace of mind to Auburn-area homeowners that their gas fireplaces are ready for the next unpredictable Alabama or Georgia winter.

Don’t Delay, Call American Fireplace Today to Schedule Your Annual Fireplace Service

At American Fireplace, our top priority is to provide the best service and products available to our customers. That commitment does not end with installation. We are here to inspect your fireplace regularly and keep it operating like new. With each yearly visit, our highly trained technicians will:

  • Check all settings and restore them to factory settings.
  • Service the glass and inspect the glass seal.
  • Service the inside of the fireplace.
  • Replace the glowing embers.
  • Service the vacuum control compartment.
  • Test the gas pressure and voltage levels.
  • Inspect the system venting.

Helping Our Customers Create Warm Memories for Over 30 Years

For over 30 years, American Fireplace has been committed to helping our customers create and maintain homes that are both comfortable and energy efficient. You can trust our loyal, knowledgeable team of service technicians to always treat your gas fireplace like it was their own. We stand behind our products & services and enjoy knowing our fireplaces bring you and your family joy year after year.

Don’t procrastinate! Guarantee your gas fireplace is ready to go when the leaves start falling and the temperature starts dropping. Contact our Auburn, AL office today to schedule your annual fireplace maintenance visit. We look forward to keeping your gas fireplace in tip-top shape.