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Gas fireplace installation Columbus

Direct Vent Gas

Direct vent gas fireplaces are a great way to ensure healthy air quality while heating your home in an energy efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Direct vent gas fireplaces are different from traditional, open-faced fireplaces in several ways. The fire safely burns behind a sealed glass panel and safely expels all exhaust gases outside the home, while using air from outside for combustion. Because all of the airflow used and expelled in direct vent gas fireplaces is sealed, these fireplaces are extremely energy efficient. Additionally, each unit comes with a safety screen to be installed on the outside of the glass panel. This protects your home and young children from any potential harm.

Our product provider Heat & Glo‘s parent company, Hearth & Home Technologies, invented direct vent gas fireplaces in the 80’s and is still leading the industry in innovation. Watch their product video to see a detailed description of direct vent gas fireplaces and see if this is the right fit as you home fireplace!